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6/24/2017 6:19 pm  #1

People Notice Things!!!!

Was out hunting to-day in my new park when one of the neighbors approached me,ask if I had time to talk.I thought OH OH TROUBLE I Put down the detector and talked  about what I was doing If I was having any luck and yit yaking about metal detecting. Then it came. HE said that his wife called him THE PARK WARDEN well I thought I was  in for it now.He said that he noticed that I filled in all my plugs and thought that was Great and that he checked the park each time I left.I told him I will always do that. Also he mentioned that I was great entertainment as he does not get around much. SURE FELT GOOD THAT SOMEONE NOTICED that us in the hobby had some ethics and good sense FELT GOOD.


6/25/2017 6:22 am  #2

Re: People Notice Things!!!!

Really is good to hear, Gary. Now you see how important it is for everyone to properly cover holes and know you are doing just that. I know that in the past you were worried that you weren't properly covering your holes. This is proof that you are. You are an asset to the hobby!

"Always leave the place you have detected in better shape than when you arrived"

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